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BLA Materials / Website and other Content
The British Laryngological Association (BLA), SurgTech, our members and other contributors take every effort to provide the highest quality of educational materials, but we provide no assurance or warranty with regard to the efficacy, safety or any other aspect of the interventions we describe.

Our materials are intended as an adjunct to clinical training and experience, not a replacement for them. Our users remain strictly responsible for their own patient care and must ensure their own competence and appropriate use of our materials.

The user assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of our materials. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall anyone involved in creating or maintaining our materials be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or loss of profits that result from the use or inability to use our materials.

In jurisdictions that do not allow some or all of the above limitations of liability, our liability shall be limited to the greatest extent allowed by law.

Prerelease materials and all Communications
All pre-release materials and any communications from the BLA or SurgTech may contain privileged, private, or confidential material. You are strictly prohibited from copying, disclosing, using, printing, distributing or disseminating any such information.
The BLA and SurgTech accept no liability (negligent or otherwise) for passing on viruses in e-mails or other data communications and exchanges.
Any attachments should be virus checked by the recipient before opening.

The SurgTech Copyright Release
We release materials through the SurgTech Copyright release - free of charge, without digital rights management, but with certain conditions.

Unless noted otherwise, materials released by the BLA within this website and their derivative works are available free of charge for any use providing that:
1. The BLA,, and all original contributors (see thanks page) are attributed for the original material release.
2. are notified of any derivative (e.g. edited) works - email
3. Derivative works are made available under these same conditions.
4. No more than three original or derivative SurgTech materials are used in any publication (e.g. website, journal, book, presentation), without further permission.
5. No branding, thanks, or other attribution is removed or hidden.
6. These conditions are noted by including the “Attribution paragraph" below (if not already present) unedited and in its entirety with all works.

These conditions remain negotiable and the BLA in association with SurgTech retain the right to waive or adjust them for any or all works at any time.

Attribution Paragraph
These materials are released (or are derived from materials released) by the British Laryngological Association (BLA) through They are made available free of charge for anyone to use with certain provisos (see
Any reproduction or derivative works must include this notice.

Privacy and Cookie Information
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Why does our website use cookies?
We use cookies for the following purposes...
1. Recognition of registered users.
Cookies are essential to our user registration system, enabling us to display or restrict content based on your membership status or user preferences. Without allowing cookies, you will be unable to access some of our services.
2. Tracking of our site's usage (non-identifiable).
We use tracking services which log (in a non-identifiable manner) our website's usage.
These enable us to determine the number of site users and general information about their location, browser type and language settings.
3. Third party cookies.
Our site contains some content that is hosted elsewhere - mainly by YouTube.
This content is embedded in our site, but any associated cookies are set by the third party.
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Our Tracking Services - Further Information
We use Google Analytics for our website usage tracking.
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Information for Contributors
Additional information for contributors to the BLA content at
1. Release of Copyright through the SurgTech Copyright Release
Media is only accepted if rights are provided to SurgTech to allow us to publish and make it available for anyone to use according to our copyright release (see above).
2, Peer Review
All SurgTech contributions are peer-reviewed. Based on peer-review recommendations, content may be added to or other sites, one of our atlases at, added to the SurgTech library, or rejected.
3. Superseded Submissions
Where submissions are superseded by new contributions, content may be withdrawn from our atlases and moved to the SurgTech library. SurgTech retain the right to withdraw content at any point.
4. Branding and Attribution
Branded videos will not be accepted - we will add attributions before releasing content on our websites.
5. Exceptions
SurgTech retain the right to make exceptions to the above terms and conditions where the board consider it in the interest of our educational aims.
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